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SMB Hack Makes Your Windows Vista and Windows 7 Vulnerable to Blue Screen of Death!

One of the main reasons I don’t use Windows Vista or even Windows 7 is because they simply suck.  I know that people have been telling me that Windows 7 is actually quite better but the latest SMB hack proves that they are all still vulnerable as with any other Windows products.  I don’t blame Bill Gates though, he’s already filthy rich making Windows vulnerable but still, he did make PCs ever more popular than Apple ever was/will be.  I still remember rooting for DOS and Wi

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Interview with Inventor of Linux, Linus Torvalds!

I’ve read books of 2 of the most unique creators of operating systems, that is Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft Windows.

Of course, I did get the feeling that Bill Gates was a money-hungry, arrogant, geek-vampire from his book while I got the feeling that

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Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts!

It’s that time again, yes, it’s a Saturday and we are still working…AND it’s time for Weekly Wrapup of Eco-friendly and Green Posts from our Eco Blog!

Bill Gates invests in Bio-Fuel and we think that’s a great move by the billionaire

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Time to Boycott BestBuy and Circuit City during Microsoft’s Marketing Antics!

Instead of using their $300 million on customer services/refunds for wrongly-installed Vistas on brand new laptops/PCs, Microsoft is trying to copy Apple Genius strategy by having 155 Microsoft Vista experts roam around your local BestBuy and CircuitCity.

As someone who had a horrible experience at BestBuy trying to return a digital camera, (which BestBuy didn’t let me return it for whatever reason so I now have TWO identical digital cameras) I will be offici

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Bill Gates and Seinfeld TV Commercial!


Remember Microsoft hired Seinfeld to do advertising for their new $300 Million campaign?

Here’s the new Bill Gates and Seinfeld TV commercial which I did get to see yesterday for the first time and looks like bunch of people uploaded it to Youtube.

First look tells me that this ad really sucks in comparison to Apple.  There’s not enough “juice” going on to even understand what they are advertising.

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Linux starting to take over the world with Mini-notebooks and netbooks!

Recently, I’ve been noticing that more and more laptop manufacturers are putting Linux on their mini-notebooks inluding the Eec PCs.

I’ve actually predicted that Linux would take over Windows back in year 1999 within 5 years.  Boy was I wrong but my prediction that Linux will take over Windows will be true in about another 5 years AFTER the mini-laptop sales really takes off and Linux takes over 50% market share.

Well, it could just be me rambling, then again, it is true that Linux is virtually free and easily customizab

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Bill Gates Confessese “ALL Microsoft Products Are Disappointing”

Bill Gates sums up all of Microsoft’s products in one sentence yesterday,

There’s no product we’ve ever shipped…that is 100% of what I’ve wanted.

Thank you Bill for your honest answer and could you get that ugly Vista butt out of our world!

At least refund my money for the Vista I purchased and never used.

via alleyinsider

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Holographic Appearance by Bill Gates in Malaysia!

Bill Gates made a “holographic appearance” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at World Congress on Information Technology 2008.

Perhaps, he’s trying this new method after being pancaked once and Steve Ballmer being egged the other day.

Neverthless, kudos to Gates for trying something new without having to travel.

KUALA LUMPUR: Bill Gates, chairman of software powerhouse Microsoft Corp, made a five-minute virtual appearance at the World Congr

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Bill Gates gives a customized Xbox to Korean President

Lol… Bill Gates gives the new Korean president a customized Xbox on his visit.  I doubt he will play Xbox 360 but he can give it to his kids.

When Bill Gates met President Lee Myung-bak at Cheong Wa Dae on May 6, the Microsoft chairman came bearing a very special gift: a Microsoft Xbox video game console inlaid with traditional Korean mother-of-pearl. In fact 100 similar Xboxes are being prepared by a Korean artisan, intended as special VIP gifts from the Microsoft chief. The decoration is the handiwork of Kim Young-jun, the head of a manufa

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Steve Ballmer gets Egged in Hungary!

Steve Ballmer gets egged by an angry student in Hungary.  Well, he dodged them, a lot better than Bill Gates here:


I guess they get what they deserve for creating Vista.

via gizmodo

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