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Bikers now can get Garmin Edge 705 GPS for Bike Navigation!

Garmin, a popular GPS manufacturer, has just introduced Garmin Edge 705 GPS for bikes.  The GPS system features the ability to monitor where you’ve gone by downloading data to your computer after your long cycle ride.

Looks great for people who are serious tracking their cycle data but if you just need a GPS, you could probably just stick a Blackberry with GPS and GoogleMaps to your bike using some clamps.

The Edge 705 combines (take a deep breath) GPS maps and navigation, heart rate, cadence and power output into a palm of your hand

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Suzuki Crosscage Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle!



As a owner of a Suzuki GSX-R600 which does 0 to 60 in about 3.4 seconds (ahem…), I love this new Suzuki!!!

Well, I don’t think Bikes have to be more eco-friendly than they are right now at 50MPG (ahem….), but it’s a good thing I guess if your motorcycle can run on hydrogen fuel cells too.

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DIY – How to Build a Banana Bike!

Here’s a cool instructable on how to make your own banana bike.  Although I’d probably never recommend you ride one, it’d be fun to build one yourself.

Convert a small kid bike into a fun sporty looking silly riding adult bike.

Kids outgrow their bikes so fast but here is a way to put even the smallest 12″ wheel kid bike back into action as a cool-goofy adult bike.

Re-uses/repurposes old items from the dumpster: small kid bike, crutch, old steel tu

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Strida Folding Bike!

With all the cool folding bikes out these days, here’s another cool folding bike called Strida.

The Strida from Area Ware works around a triangular frame, which means it, has strength as well as agility, because it will fold down flat making the bike totally portable in just five seconds. Now you have a light, yet compact bike for storage.

via keetsa

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Bike with a Continously Variable Transmission


Wow, check out this cool new bike with continously variable transmission!

Bicycle transmissions have clearly caught up with those of cars. We’ve already seen automatic transmission bikes by Shimano and others—and now there’s a continuously variable transmission (CVT) in this Ellsworth bicycle that works in a similar way to our H

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