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Eye Lamps!

Here’s a cool Eye Lamp that will open up as it sees human presence. (or animals too for that matter)

I do like it but it’s still a design, here’s a bunch more eye lamps you can buy though:

Eye Plasma Lamp is a good one for your livingroom, get bunch of these and turn

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Re-cap from Keetsa Eco-Friendly Blog!

Here’s a quick re-cap of interesting science and technology posts from our Keetsa Eco-Friendly Blog this week:

Solar-powered bike Cycle Sol may allow bikers to re-use the power of the sun.  Portable Eco-Frienldy Fridges are really neat idea.  Here’s a commercial

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Moto Express Wash is a Motorcycle-Wash Machine!

I am sure most of you are familiar with automated car wash in your local city/town but here’s a new innovative automated Motorcycle wash for your bikers.  I wish they had one in San Francisco so I can take my bike for a wash.

With revolutionary techniques specifically designed to accommodate the growing numbers of motorcycles on the road today, the Moto Express Wash has transformed the 2 hour hand cleaning we have all accepted as normal: into a 5 minute automated process.


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Di-Cycle Concept is a Bicycle that goes over water and land!

A testing woman on the Di-cycle

Di-Cycle is a concept bicycle that could potentially help bikers travel over water and land.  There’s no info on when and how this concept is available so keep your fingers crossed.

This two-wheeled vehicle was specially designed to function as a mode of transport over land as well as water, although it won’t protect you against splashes and rough storms no thanks to a lack of a canopy. No idea on what other features are available with the Di-Cycle concept, but parking this is going to be quite tricky.

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Bikers now can get Garmin Edge 705 GPS for Bike Navigation!

Garmin, a popular GPS manufacturer, has just introduced Garmin Edge 705 GPS for bikes.  The GPS system features the ability to monitor where you’ve gone by downloading data to your computer after your long cycle ride.

Looks great for people who are serious tracking their cycle data but if you just need a GPS, you could probably just stick a Blackberry with GPS and GoogleMaps to your bike using some clamps.

The Edge 705 combines (take a deep breath) GPS maps and navigation, heart rate, cadence and power output into a palm of your hand

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DIY HACK – How to build a cheap bluetooth audio for your GPS!

Here’s a good instructable on how to build a cheap bluetooth audio for your GPS. If your GPS doesn’t already support bluetooth (I believe most don’t), this is a great cheap way to get all those audible directions into just the driver’s ears, not everyone in the car.

I needed a way to hear my cheap a$$ GPS under the helmet on my motorcycle and didn’t wanna fork over 2x the price for a “motorcycle ready” GPS device so I

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DIY Project – How to build your own chopper!


Cool, check out these plans for that show you how to build your own chopper for like 40 bucks and also check out the electric conversion of a Honda bike resulting in 0 emissions!  Here’s a book you can get that will help you build a chopper from scratch.

Go bikers! They save the world!

The batt

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