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Ubuntu Hacks – Top 10 Ubuntu HOWTOs for Faster/Better Ubuntu(or Linux)!

1. How to Speed Up Flash in Ubuntu!

As many of you Ubuntu users know, Flash can sometimes be slow and annoying on Ubuntu. UbuntuForums.org has some great suggested tweaks that can improve your flash speeds including removing of all flash plug-ins and re-install the latest version of flash and tweaking the about:config settings in Firefox.

2. How to Install OpenOffice 3.2!

OpenOffice has been slowly making great progress over the years, it’s probably one of the best open-source document software out there.  If you h

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Clearwire 4G WiMax Hack – How to Get Better 4G Signals using Tinfoil!

For those of you lucky enough to get ClearWire’s 4G internet service, you might still have trouble getting full signal if you happened to live in suburban neighborhoods.

But I guess there’s a pretty cheap fix for that, you can actually increase your signal a LOT by using a tinfoil and making an antenna sorta like above.   I used to use this method actually for my wifi router couple years back, I think it works for 4G modems probably because they are wireless.  Cool.

Lo and behold, as soon as I put that tinfoil dish behind our modem, the signal jumped

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Travel DIY – How to Make a Hotel Room WiFi HotSpot Better with a Mini Travel Router!

Suffering from bad WiFi and insecure connections at your hotel?

Get this awesome mini WiFi router that will instantly turn any hotel’s WiFi spot into a secure, strong Wireless N network.  Not only does it fit in your pocket, this is practical especially if you happen to at those hotels that only provide wired ethernet connections.

The Mini 300Mbps Wireless N Travel Router is a remarkable 2.5″ wide by 3.25″ long by 0.75″ high (6.4 x 8.2 x 1.9cm). It has a reset button, power port, one

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iPhone Killer IS HERE!!! – Palm Pre WAAAAAAY better than iPhone!

Well, after 2 years of 24/7 use on my Sprint Blackberry 8830, my Blackberry kept flickering and resetting, causing me to get a new phone.

Well, it turns out that Sprint had the Palm Pre out for over a month now and I was sorta skeptical on how well the Palm Pre would perform.

I actually wanted to wait for the new Blackberry and they HAD the new Blackberry Tour, but I couldn’t let go of the fact that Palm Pre was linux-based and also can be hacked as a Wifi router.

Of course, I didn’t really bel

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DIY – How to Take Better Videos


Here’s a great DIY on how to take better videos.

Finally, for those of you who are shooting your own films, whether using RED or not, try this how to video I found on WonderHowTo.com from Videomaker that teaches you the 7 Deadly Sins of Camera work.

via WonderDudes

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Getting better sleep today

I have been struck with the zzzzz sickness lately. I can get to sleep at night and feel like my whole world is falling into (or needs to) the zzzzz world. If I start working out more often, this should be better… (this flu is killing me!?!) Regardless, you can read about psychology today’s article on how to get a better night’s sleep when you can’t sleep.

The biggest sleep robber of all, however, is work—the puritan ethic gone haywire in an era of global

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Why is linux better?

Why is linux better? Well first it doesnt get viruses, doesn’t need ctl+alt+del buttons, runs stable!

more reasons why here

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