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Geekify – Space Invaders Wood Cutting Board for your Kitchen!

There’s never been a better time to geekify your kitchen with a space invaders wooden cutting board.  I am going to get one when I get a new house with a nice granite kitchen-countertop.

This cutting board is hand-made in the U.S.A. Each cube of walnut and hard-maple lovingly glued to its brothers, then sanded and polished to a shiny finish. Because they’re made by hand, there’s an extremely limited supply, so make sure you get one before they’re all gone!

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DIY Electric Airplane!



There has been never a better time for people to create new eco-friendly planes that use pure electricity and here’s such DIY electric airplane that can go fly for about 1 hour on a single charge.  Way too cool, now please make me an electric helicopter.

We have converted my single place, all metal Moni motor glider into a small, efficient electric airplane.  We used our ElectraFlyer propulsion parts kit and our large battery pack, custom

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Eco-Friendly Wind Powered Toy Car!

There’s has been no better time than today to learn about saving energy with the eco-friendly wind powered toy car.  We suggest you to get one for your child for the best learning experience.  Actually, I might get one myself it’s so cool…

(Picture of the race car charging)

Video of the wind-powered car in action:


This new educational kit lets you explore the mechanisms involved in harnessing t

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