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Wireless Floating Pool Speakers!

Now, if you can’t afford the waterproof submersible wireless speakers, your next bet is these wireless floating pool speakers which does the same thing except it doesn’t look at cool nor submersible.

Here’s a new piece of tech that makes a splash — this floating speaker takes the music to you, even if you’re

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Got Dirty Paint Work? Get the “rugged” iKey Membrane Keyboard!

Whenever I goto Home Depot, I see their paint department using a regular old keyboard with paint all over it.  My bet is that they have to replace the keyboard every other month.  For dirty jobs like that where you will get a lot of dirt or paint on the keyboard, iKey’s Membrane Keyboard will fit perfect as it’s rugged and also comes with a nice rugged touchpad.

The new DT-5K-MEM-TP is an industrial membrane keyboard built to withstand the harshest of environments. Modeled afte

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If you ever wanted to get serious with some LEDs, you can really play with this guy. He can mimic any songs, well, it’s not available yet… I bet Garrett from Comfile can hack one up real quick… He made that voice activated Christmas Tree, this doesn’t seem too different. It seems like the eyes and nose are random movements and the mouth simply syncs to the music depending on t

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