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Bike Hack – How to Strengthen Your Bike Rack!

This isn’t the best bike rack hack I have ever saw but it’s still worthy of a blog post.  You can easily hack your bike rack to hold more weight by re-using old pieces of metal and wires as shown in the picture.

Random piece of metal + bailing wire = not only a great way to support the milk-crate carryall, but also a great hack!  Simple, cheap, effective…I like.

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Bike Hack – How to Make a Leaf Blower Powered Bike!

This is probably the best bike mod I have seen in awhile, someone figured out how to make a Leaf Blower Powered Bike!  It will definitely make some noise but great for city commuting and getting that anger out of you into the streets.

This was one of those projects I couldn’t get out of my head. I had seen, on the internet and in person, the small 2-stroke engine powered scooters which were becoming increasingly popular. Naturally I wanted one, but I’m not the type that would just buy a commercially available scooter that will work wel

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