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Zedomax New WordPress Blog Search Engine Theme!

Yey, I’ve been working all day until now, which is 3AM, to design a brand new WordPress Search Engine Blog Theme.

Basically, what I’ve realized is that there’s over 5000+ blog posts in this blog and it’s hard to find any good information anymore.

By hacking the WordPress from scratch (hacking the defauly Kubrick theme), I figured out a way to make your blog into a “visual” seach engine, sorta like Google with 100×75 pixel pics.

This type of theme might be great for those of you who have over 30

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Stumbleupon launches its Toolbar-less Browsing Feature!

Stumbleupon launches its Toolbar-less browsing feature, of course, it seems that they have picked on our ideas from SiteHoppin, which is originally based on Toolbar-less browsing.

You can test both out yourself and judge which one is better, I still think my SiteHoppin rocks over SU’s new toolbar-lessness.

Test out SU Web Version

Test out SH Web Version

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Beer Belt Lets You Loose Like a Kite at the Casinos in Vegas!

What you should really do the next time you fly to Las Vegas is to pack one of these Beer Belts so you can play at the BlackJack tables without worrying about almost-naked waitress ladies to ask you if you want another drink.  Better yet, order 6 beers at a time, that way you have more ammo to go longer.

In any case, the Beer Belt certainly has more uses than your typic

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RC Controlled Cooler!

Ever feel too lazy to get up and grab some beers and sodas from your cooler at the pool?  Then get this RC controlled Remote Control Cooler!

It’s hot…you’re thirsty…but this cooler full of icy drinks is at the other end of the patio. No problem—just grab the remote and steer it over to your chair! It’s the world’s first radio-controlled cooler!

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Traffic Explosion with SiteHoppin

This post was guest-blogged by Adriaan from i am jack’s design. (Send your guest blog posts to guest@zedomax.com to get them published for free)



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SiteHoppin’ 10K Baby!

Wow, this is simply something I’ve never done, make a website and then make it get over 10,000 UNIQUE VISITORS within 11 days.

Check this out:

Wow, we haven’t really hit 10K yet, but we got 9,991 and it’s still 10:01PM baby.

We are excited as hell like couple days ago when we reached 6,953! But, the day right after my birthday, my new site, SiteHoppin’ took off crazier than any sites I’ve ever made AND one of my best college buddies Billy Hendrix’s girlfriend, just had a boy baby this mornin’!

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My friend Gyutae is having a contest for T-shirts and $100 in CASH!

My blogger friend Gyutae is having a contest for T-shirts and $100 in cash. All you gotta do is pick the right winner and write a blog post about it. (It seems like there’s so many contests these days, you could probably make a living just entering all of them)

My vote goes to Gyutae’s Winning the Web since he’s always coming up with new contests. He’s blog got a big 200 RSS reader jump from his contest on

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How fast can you type?

I found this site on digg last night while having some beers with my friends and twitting all night. My friends and I were laughing so much playing this game. It’s a lot of fun.

Anyways, check out this cool typing game where you can test how fast you type and also it’s very good for improving your typing speeds. I came to be about 43wpm. What’s yours?

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1 Minute Can Cooler


Cool a can, bottle, or wine in 1 minute! Wow, this is freakin’ great for beers.  This thing is 90 times faster than your fridge and 45 times faster than your freezer at cooling your beverages.

Patented process chills by rotating the beverage while simultaneously spraying it with ice water. Will chill a 12 oz beverage can from 77 degrees to 43 degrees in about 1 minute. The process does not alter any beverage property like taste, composition,

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