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Biggest Blog Contest over the year – Win $5,000 or more!

Hi All,

I might be heading over to Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco tomorrow to take some random videos again like AdTech 2008 but I just wanted to let you guys know on the biggest contest of the year before I leave you.

We are giving out 200 One Buck Wiki pages and 50 Beer Stocks, each worth $4,000 and $1000, total of $5000 worth of internet real estate and web traffic.

To enter, you need to enter the

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New Years Countdown Video – 9


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Video – The Amazing Beer-Pouring Rube Goldberg

[gv data=”sKr0xG4OeMw”][/gv]

Cool beer pouring action for drinking under influence holidays!


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Glasses made out of beer!

Can’t miss this one if you are one beer lover like me. via Make

These specs are hand carved from two bottles of your favorite beer, or any other bottle for that matter. And they also come with a legal disclaimer, because I’m sure there is somebody out there who would purposely buy a pair only to take a hammer to them, causing a shard of glass to be lodged in their eye and then come back to me with a law suit. I suppose glass in the area of

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Cool BEER glasses and margarita glasses that light up

Well, I haven’t gone clubbing lately but this would be some cool looking glasses and cubes…via uniquedaily

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Beer Conference Bike – good news for beer drinkers!

Here’s some cool revision to the previous conference bike article.

This conference bike takes a keg of beer with the bikers, so you can drink beer while biking…

99 beer kegs on the wall…i wish i wasn’t sick so i can drink some beer…

We just hope you don’t get a group-DUI for drunk biking…

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