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Recommended Bed


Check out this cool TV/Drawer that can turn into a bed at night!


Magnetic Floating Bed

Check out this $1.5 Million magnetic floating bed. I wonder if all the magnetic energies are good for your body…

A young Dutch architect has created a floating bed which hovers above the ground through magnetic force and comes with a price tag of 1.2 million euros ($1.54 million). Janjaap Ruijssenaars took inspiration for the bed — a sleek black platform, which took six years to develop and can double as a dining table or a plinth — from the mysterious monolith in Sta

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Computer Bed

Check out this cool computer bed you can use as a computer during daytime and a bed at nighttime!

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ZZZ-chest, Cabinet that turns into a mattress!

Check out this cabinet that turns into a mattress! Awesome little video on how you can save more space around your house or apartment.

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