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Prank DIY – How to Turn Your Office into the Beach!

Here’s an awesome prank DIY on turning your favorite co-worker’s room into a beach!  Well, I don’t need to do this, I usually simply take my tent, netbook, and broadband USB to Ocean Beach but if you have no beaches around where you work, this might just do the job perfect.

It was meant to be a gift to him as much as it was a prank, since Randy’s redecorating was fun at heart, and Randy actually likes the beach very much.

One Monday afternoon and 400 lbs. of sand later, Instructables HQ became equipped with one of th

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DIY – Drink and Party by making yourself a Bike Cooler!

Recently I’ve noticed a large number of people going through the beaches in San Francisco with backpacks and other junk on their bikes.  I think they were doing some kind of California coastal ride but here’s a great way to add a bike cooler to your bike in case do something similar.

An insulated bike cooler makes an excellent addition to a shopping or commuting bike. Or, I suppose, a drinkin’ & partyin’ bike.

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