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BBQ DIY – How to Add Temperature Gauge(Thermometer) to your Gas Grill! (and save a bunch of money)

When you buy a gas grill, there’s a big price-hike in gas grills with temperature meters and those without.   You don’t need to pay extra for temperature gauge, you can get an $8 temp gauge, drill a hole, and install it yourself. (and save a bunch of money)

This could be a great way to closely watch how well done your steaks are for those of you who have gas grills but no temperature gauge.

Anyone who has priced gas grills knows that there is a significant price step up between those that have a temperature gauge (man talk for thermometer) and those that don̵

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BBQ DIY – How to Make your Own Barrel Barbeque!

I am an avid cook who loves barbeques.  I’ve tried every type of Barbeque grills in the past including medieval, portable, gas, you name it.

Anyways, here’s an awesome barrel barbeque you can make from an old barrel!

Lucky for me on my last day of work at The Bakery,

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Propane DIY – How to Carry Your Propane Tank Safely Using Tank Nanny!

Here’s an awesome propane tank carrier for your car/SUV/truck, it’s called a Tank Nanny and will let your BBQ propane tank sit safe and straight up.  It’s amazing that it took so long for humans to come up with such a solution but heck, we have it now.

Cogswell asked his suppliers for something to secure the tanks, but couldn’t find anything. Thus was born the idea for the Tank Nanny, a skid-free plastic holder that provides a snug fit for the standard 20-pound propane tank. It costs

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Today on Bedzine

Okay, here’s some interesting reads on Bedzine today:

Learn how to build a loft bed here.  You can revitalize your livingroom with some wood grain cushions.

The DIY Coffee Table is a great gift for engineers and other creative people. (including me)

The world should be fuller of these type of

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DIY – How to Start BBQ Charcoals Faster with Hair Dryer!

Believe it or not, this guy claims that he can start BBQ charcoals faster with his homemade wire-mesh and hair dryer.

You might want to consider trying this method for your Independence Weekend BBQ.

Whenever I have trouble starting coals for my BBQ I grab a hair dryer, point it at my grill and pull the trigger. One minute later I have red hot coals and I never have to use any lighter fluid to get them started.

Video after the jump!


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DIY Stinger Spud Gun!


Lol… here’s some cool spud gun to cool you down while I review lots of Web 2.0 stuff…

This Stinger Spud Gun shoots 10 inch PVC missiles! There are no details on the build but by looking at it I would guess that the red button that is used to ignite the gun is a BBQ igniter. The rest of the gun appears to be the standard spud gun that has been dressed up with the black holder and scope. Have a look at the video, looks like it works very well!

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Vegetable Projectile

Here’s a new version of Bre’s new projectile with bbq gas as fuel, click somewhere around the middle to see the turbocharged projectile. [gv data=”uDFkCeWPMCU”][/gv]

via make

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