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Microsoft Windows 3.X Officially Retired!

Microsoft Windows v.3.x has officially been retired.  Wait, I thought it was retired 10 years ago? Lol, I hope no one is using Windows v.3.x or WIn98 for that matter.

Windows 3.x has come to the closing moments of its long life.

On 1 November Microsoft stopped issuing licences for the software that made its debut in May 1990 in the US.

The various versions of Windows 3.x (including 3.11) released in the early 1990s, were the first of Microsoft’s graphical user interfaces to win huge worldwide success.

They helped Microso

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DIY Homemade Teddy Bear Cam catches Care-giver Stealing Money!

After money went missing at the home of terminally ill grandmother, the 21 year old daughter set up a DIY homemade Teddy Bear cam to catch the caregiver stealing money.

We say the care-giver is a heartless and worthless soul who needs to really clean her soul.

Robert Sampson, 46, and Emma, 21, fixed the tiny camera in the Liverpool home of his mother Thelma Sampson, 75.

Last week, care assistant Yvonne Allen, 28, of Halewood, Liverpool, was sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of theft.

Mr Samps

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Cuttlefish learns in the Embryo!

Lol, this is cool, I guess Cuttlefish is the only living organism that can learn inside the egg…

Before they have even hatched, cuttlefish embryos can peer out of their eggs and spot potential prey. It is the first time any animal has been shown to learn visual images before they are born.

Ludovic Dickel and his colleagues at the University of Caen Basse-Normandy, France, made the discovery by placing crabs alongside cuttlefish eggs in a series of laboratory tanks. Those embryos exposed to crabs preferred them as prey later in life, th

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OLPC has joined Microsoft XP!

OLPC has just announced that they will be using Microsoft XP operating system on their $100 laptops. This is ridiculous and does go completely against their original core values.

They have lost faith from me at least, teaming up with Microsoft is the worst decision they could make, especially if their core values were about not using proprietary monopolized technology.

Their excuse is that they are not selling enough units and some countries are requiring Windows platform.

Screw them, focus on your core value.

What is

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Passenger “moons” Speeding Camera

Over at UK, a passenger of the car “moons” speeding camera.  Although this incident didn’t occur in any driving suspension as the car driver did not break any laws, it’s a good sign that people in general don’t like speeding cameras.

I propose to remove them for good as they really serve no purpose but make more money for the government.

I’ve actually gone through so many times when I tried to do emergency brakes while trying to avoid being catched on speeding camera. (when I could have leisurely gone through a yellow light)

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Online videos eating up TV time – Youtube, Goog, Revver, metacafe, etc…

Well, online videos ARE eating up TV time. At least, I’ve stopped watching TV personally about 2 months ago. Personally, TV is so whacked with commercials and I don’t want to end up as another biased TV couch-potato. Well, I didn’t understand this concept that TV is bad for you when my high school English teacher told me over 10 years ago, but now I do.

Anyways, it is great that now you can simply type some words and get the show you want on youtube,

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