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Airzooka – Bazooka that shoots Thin Air up to 30 Feet!

Airzooka is a simple fun device that lets you shoot “thin air” up to 30 feet.  This might be a lot of fun especially if you want to “blow” someone away.

Watch this video to see what happens when Airzooka goes wrong:


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Neda Agha Soltani Video

Wow, I have been hearing news about Neda, this 27 year old girl who got shot and killed in Iran for protesting.  I think there’s got to be someone who’s going to have to step up and end this merciless bs by the Iranian government.

This isn’t a political war any more, it’s about human rights. You don’t kill a girl for protesting peacefully, no matter what she’s protesting about, especially if she has no weapons to fight back.

I know this is a tech blog but at times like this I wish I can grab a bazooka and blow the face of whoever is the cau

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