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Zedomax New Years Countdown 2008 San Francisco!


Remember last year’s countdown? Well, this year, we didn’t get to count down as San Francisco decided not to I guess. Regardless, we did get some footage of the fireworks near Bay Bridge. We were actually at the Fishermen’s Wharf and that’s why the fireworks seem far away. Next year, we will be going closer to downtown.

Like history of New Years?  Check out how crazy we went last year with

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Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco

You can see this Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco on your way towards Bay Bridge. I guess this is actually RFID enabled which is kinda cool. Yes, it’s a very effective way of advertising as I do read it about 75% of the time that I pass by this spot looking for changes in what the Mini Cooper is saying… (mostly kinda stupid… one time it was saying something like “Be small and Go faster” or something) But it is indeed very creative. I don’t know if it actually can identify Mini drivers but I will try to see if

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