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AirScooter II Ultralight Helicopter for 50Gs!

[gv data=”E-3beBkHMcg”][/gv]

You gotta check out the supposedly $50,000 personal helicopter. It is now becoming more and more practically for people to actually own a personal helicopter. The only thing is, it doesn’t look like it’s too sturdy for any kind of bad wheather. Well, looks are not everything, maybe it will perform under pressure. 

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Coin Battery powers one LED!

Here’s a cool 1.5V battery made from coins that powers an LED! Great science experiment for kids and techy people like us. via make

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DIY Nine Volt Candle-Lamps

This is great for making your own electrical candles OR for emergencies too!

Combine the 9V battery from your kid’s RC racer and a LED-based candle and you get something that feels at home in a fancy restaurant as well as on your dining room table. Just a design for now, but these 9-volt candle dealies are pretty sweet, and we’d love to get our hands on a few here for Romance Thursdays here at Gizmodo HQ.

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