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DIY Batman Lamp!

If you are Batman-movie-lover like I am, you might be interested in making your own DIY batman lamp, that allows your house to light up Batman 911 signals.

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Batman Hoodie!

Here’s a really cool Batman hoodie!

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Pyro Hack – How to Make Smoke Bomb!

If you were pyro-inclined like me back in middle school, you might have read “Poor Man’s James Bond” and tried making bunch of smoke bombs and whatnot.  Of course, nowdays you might want to be careful as people might mistaken you for a terrorist but heck, smoke bombs have always been pretty harmless, I don’t see why you shouldn’t make some.

About.com has a good detailed DIY on how to make a smoke bo

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Bed DIY – How to Make a Hidden Door Bookshelf Like Batman!

Well, if you’ve always dreamed of having your own “secret” space, this might be a great way to do it, make a hidden door bookshelf.

My home office was messy. After I am done it will still be messy but now it is finished AND it has the secret feature. Well it was secret, till I wrote this.

In one wall of my home office is a 5 feet tall 2 feet wide door to access the storage area and crawl space under the garage. This is where we put holiday decorations, old stuff, and junk.

This wall was the perfect spot for floor to

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Halloween DIY – How to Make ‘Redneck’ Batman Mask with Duct Tape!

One of my best friends from college is a true redneck from the northern state of California in Eureka.  Of course, to be a true redneck, he told me you must be able to fix/make anything with duct tape.

In honor of my redneck friend, here’s how to make your own ‘redneck’ Batman Mask with duct tape.

(I might actually do this

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DIY – How to Build your own Bat Cave with Hidden Rooms!

Here’s a cool DIY on how to build your own bat cave with hidden rooms just like Batman.

If you’re in the market for a Batcave—or just a place to hide your stamp collection—then Steve Humble of Creative Home Engineering should be your next call. The mechanical engineer turned secret-passageway builder started his Phoenix-based company when he couldn’t find anyone to build a hidden room for his home. “I thought that there would be a lot of people who would want a secret passageway in their house,” he says. “So I took a gamble, qui

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Some Cool Hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and more!

Lifehacker has a new post that features some cool hacks for GMail, GoogleDocs, and some other hacks you can’t miss.

Are you using Google Spreadsheets as your web-based spreadsheet editor alternative to desktop programs like Excel? If you do, give the “magic” auto-completions a try. To understand what this does, enter “Superman” in the top left cell, and enter “Batman” and “Wonder Woman” in the cells below. Now select all three cells you created. Hold down the Ctrl key, and drag the bottom right corner of the selection downwards ov

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Batman Tumbler Pics and Video!

Here’s some great pics guys over at Techeblog took of Batman Tumbler at a Dark Knight screening.

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Batman Training Cuff Teaches you to be like Batman!

If you ever wanted to become like Batman, you will have to get this Batman Training Cuff.  You wear it on your arm of course and it will teach you many logic and reasoning crap.

The training cuff is a completely new concept in electronic learning. It’s worn on the arm for training on the move! The Batman Training Cuff employs an all-new design, to contrast with the laptop concept. This mobile training unit is worn on either wrist, with a detachable LCD-unit for game play in different enviro

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Did you say Lego Batmobile, Batman, and Robin???

That’s right, we said it. Batmobile, Batman, AND Robin is here in LEGO style.

Care to replicate them yourself? Or maybe you can print out the pics and hand them to your kids.

One of his recent creations is this rather spectacular, unbelievably detailed (dig the Bat Phone in the cockpit) ’66 Batmobile he made for a builder challenge. He even created scale-sized Batman and Robin figures that fit inside. Lego would do well to license this design and sell it, as we’d be at Toys ‘R Us with money in hand.


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