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DIY Robot Duck Kit!

Middlesex University’s DIY Robot Duck Kit might be perfect for anyone who has baby or kids.  Either you can make this robot duck for your kids or let them do it if they are old enough but clearly, these DIY robot duck kits might be better for your kid’s brain than another barbie doll or a toy car.

Why didn’t they have these when I was a kid?  I would get them and also add speaker/circuit module that will “quack, quack…”

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Barbie Girls 1GB MP3 for Your Growing-Up Daughter!

If you want to get your daughter a nice gift, the Barbie Girls 1GB MP3 player is not a bad choice whether it’s for Christmas or her birthday.

The Barbie Girls MP3 comes with an external SD card slot to expand up to 2GB and there’s bunch of things you can do online by connecting it to your PC too.

Heck, this isn’t just a MP3 player, you can

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