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Obama Themed Flip Mino/MinoHD!

Yes, Flip has just released their new Obama-themed Flip Mino or MinoHD:

That’s right, you can get the Obama Flip Mino or MinoHD camera right here:

Get the Barack Obama – Change We Can Believe In Flip MINO Camera HERE!

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Barack Obama Oath of Office Video!


Well, today’s a special day, I can just feel it in the air.

I remember when Barack Obama won the election couple months ago and heard lots of crazy screams around my neighborhood.

Well, same thing happened again, right after Obama’s oath of office.

I have to say, there’s some tough tasks President Obama will have to face but the important thing is that people support him.  This has to be the biggest auguration in history of America.

That said, Obama is the right person for the job.  Even if he

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Watch Obama Live on the Internet for the Inauguration!

The folks at Ustream.TV will be bringing Obama Inauguration live to you on the internet.

UPDATE: You can watch the inauguration right here on Zedomax.com!

Check the URL below on the 20th to watch live:


There’s also chat if you want to chat to fellow Obama lovers.

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President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago Speech


Well, I try not to get too political on this DIY Tech Blog but heck, if I can’t speak my mind here, I rather die.

Anyways, here’s the speech Obama gave after winning the election.

I might be right or wrong but I think this simple speech will be as famous as Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address one day. Heck, maybe Obama is the 21st generation version of Abraham Lincoln. (less the cool beard)

Here’s another funny story.

Well, the

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Tim O’Reilly Supports Obama!

Tim O’Reilly is probably one of my Web 2.0 heroes who has an extensive history of writing books, creating HOWTO, DIY book publishing company, all while being officially banned from his own family due to cultural differences.

Anyways, Tim O’Reilly is officially supporting Obama due to the technical expertise Obama has over McCain.  I have to agree that we need a President 2.0, capable understanding Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies.

Here’s what

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Ad Hack – Barack Obama Ads show up in an Xbox360 Game!

It’s funny but I really think this Obama’s campaign managers are a LOT smarter than McCain’s people.  It’s probably due to the fact that Obama’s employees are “younger” (although I can’t prove it), or at least he must have hired smart Web 2.0 guys who play a lot of Xbox360.  Add to the fact that Obama’s website gets more web traffic than McCain here.

Anyways, it looks like Obama’s team did some good

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Barack Obama iPhone App!

Well it seems at least Barack Obama or his campaign managers are smart on the latest technology, they created an iPhone app for getting involved in this politics race.

Knock yourself out if you are for Barack Obama.  Now, where’s McCain’s iPhone app?  His probably too old to even know what an iPhone is.  Oh well, I’d really like to see a President who’s updated on technology.

Features: Landing Page of Obama ’08 app

* Application Landing Page *

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