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Fantasy DIY – How to Rob a Diamond Vault!

Well, I am not saying you should rob anything including diamond vaults and banks but here’s an interesting write-up of how Leonardo Notarbartolo, who was convicted of robbing the Antwerp Diamond Center vault of $100 million worth of inventory, has explained how to rob a diamond vault.

Well, all security systems have flaws, this proves how vulnerable even the most secure vaults in the world are.

At first, Notarbartolo was confused. He s

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Gas Hack – Pre-Purchase Gas Cards and Save on Rising Gas Prices!

It looks like there’s now a “pre-pay” solution to saving some money on by purchasing gas in advance.

You can go to MyGallons.com to purchase your future gas at current prices.

The high price of gasoline has some U.S. drivers looking to the future.

A recently introduced service called MyGallons.com allows drivers to fill up their tanks sometime in the future but at current prices, using a debit-like card which banks gallons rather than dollars.


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How to Write a Check!

This one is really funny. I wonder if banks will allow this type of check…maybe I should try too.

via tinypic

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DIY – HOW TO add your business to Google Maps!

Do you have a business? Whether you have a Mattress Store or other goods and services to sell, you can list yourself on Google Maps. What does this do for you?


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