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Face DIY – How to Do Acupressure Natural Facelift!

I am one of those people who’s highly opposed to facial plastic surgery, especially if there’s nothing really wrong with you other than you have extra money to throw away so you can be more fake.

Anyways, I did research a bit and found out that there’s ways to improve your face with natural facelift, which composes of acupressure, a way of pressure applied your face on your acupuncture points.

The exercises use the

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Home DIY – How to Keep Your Baby/Toddler in a Safe, Fun Environment!

I actually have one of these fence thingees for keeping my kids from getting to certain things like my desk.  Of course, these are great for blocking either your kids or yourself but I just found out there a better way to keep your baby/toddler in a safer environment, the Playzone with sound and lights!

This Playzone will keep your young ones entertained even if they are inside the fences.  The fences without sound

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DIY Interactive Ping Pong Table!

Here’s a cool DIY interactive ping pong table that will rock any ping pong addicts out there.  On top of virtual aquarium, the interactive Ping Pong table is truly responsive, able to follow where players hit their shots.

PingPongPlus is a digitally enhanced version of the classic ping-pong game. It is played with ordinary, un-tethered paddles and balls, and features a “reactive table” that incorporates sensing, sound, and projection technologies.

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Paintball DIY – How to Make a Paintball Machine Gun Turret!

Do you really need to kill your neighbors dog (or cat)?  I am just joking but here’s how to make a paintball machine gun turret to relive your past-WW-II experiences (without killing people).  Okay, just read if you are interested.

This paintball turret system has the ability to be configured as a wired or wireless platform and we have even built it in a way to be portable for rapid backpack style deployments controlled with heads up displays up

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Golf DIY – How to Become a Better Golfer!

Well, since I am a scratch golfer, I have been giving out bunch of free instructions/tips on how to become a better golfer, here’s my latest tips on various different aspects of golf:

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Mattress DIY – How to Buy a Mattress!

One of the most expensive and long-lasting things you will buy for yourself is a mattress.

Today, we will review some of the points that might help you in deciding which mattress to buy.

1. Comfort and Relieves Back Pain

Comfort is probably the first thing that comes to my mind when I buy a mattress.  I don’t care if the mattress is green, latex, memory foam, or spring, if it’s not comfortable, you will have lots of back pains months later and have to buy another mattress anyways.

2. Try Different Mattresses

Try visiting different retail stores in your area

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Ab Solo – Tried it and it’s decent!


I’ve seen this Ab Solo machine at my local gym about 9 months ago and sadly, it’s a good machine but I find it an ineffective, expensive ab machine.

Of course, it’d be good for gyms, but I would have second thoughts about having one in my house, it’s too bulky, expensive, and the balls are kinda dangerous. I actually have experience breaking one of my fingers doing these exercise, I highly recommend you stay away from this type of exercise, there’s so many other safer

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Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses and Greg Norman Leading the Open!

Well, the big news today is that Greg Norman, former #1 player in the world, is leading the British Open by 2 shots after 3 rounds. (Yey, go Greg!)

Now, if you get to play golf in such 40mph wind and tall grass such as the Open, you might want to consider getting these Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses w

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Concept Throwing Camera that can capture those random Pics!

Here’s a funny throwing camera that will capture pictures at set intervals on its way down.  This seems like an excellent way to capture some random images from slightly above ground level.

The Flee Digital Camera is designed specifically to take photos after you’ve launched it into the air. The casing for the camera actually looks like it was inspired by some of the fancier balls made for playing fetch with your dog.

The Flee is bluetooth enabled

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The Next Electric Car Fad – The BuzzBall!

Imagine yourself in this BuzzBall and going down one of the big hills of San Francisco at 40-60MPH. From the video that we can see the driver doesn’t actually rotate 360 degrees while traveling, proving the Buzzball could substitute your daily commuter to work. However, we

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