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Robot DIY – How to Make a Tennis Ball Robot

For those of you with a dog (or cat), you might be interested in making this tennis ball robot that randomly “rolls”, might keep your dog/cat entertained for hours non-stop for sheezy.

This Simple Bot was inspired by a work by artist James Rouvelle called Colony in which a bunch odd shaped ovals self-propel around their environment. It is my understanding that his bots were made by placing a vibrating motor freely inside of a Styrofoam ball that was then coated to give it an irregular shape. This dynamic makes his orbs fluctuate between wobbling in place and jerki

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Robot DIY – How to Make a Solar Powered Ball Robot!



Looking for a great Christmas gift for your whiz kid?  Here’s a great DIY that shows you how to make a solar powered ball robot.  Of course, there exactly isn’t a kit for this but all the parts are easily findable so it might actually work better than any other gift you can buy off the shelf.

This technology of using minimal electronics and simple mechanical design is call BEAM robotics.

The Miniball itself was originally invented by Richard Weait of North York, Toronto.The Miniball is a amazing robot 

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