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Top 10 Best Golf Gadgets!

E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

To celebrate that Tiger won today, (congrats Tiger) here’s top 10 best golf gadgets:

10. At number 10, the Golf Simulator is a must for your fat wallet. When I have enough money, I am gettin’ one of these in my gigantic garage.

9. The golf ball mouse and mousepad are pretty good sign you are a golf

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Golf Ball Mouse and Mousepad!

As an avid golfer, I cannot miss out on cool gadgets like this golf ball mouse and mouse pad. The product also comes with a mini-ball and a putter.

The mouse even light up!!! (I think when you make it in the hole…)

This week Green House introduced a cheap gadget which I’m sure some people will like (particularly those who sit in offices, bored out of their wits). This USB mouse is almost golf ball shaped and the mouse pad resembles a green. You even get a flag and

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