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Wii Hack – How to Make a Wiimote Jogging Board!


If you are a Wii addict/hacker, you will want to check out this homebrewed hack on making your own Wiimote jogging board.  Of course, making things yourself always beats anything you can buy such as WiiFit.

I wondered about a way to get fitter, work out without having to go running outside (although that is very healthy). I didn’t think the Wii balance board would do the trick, as the Wii games where reported not to be very intense, and the board itself is to hard for running on it. So what

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DIY – How to Make your own Balance Board!

If you skateboard, snowboard, surf, or do any other board sports, you will know the value of having your own balance board in your home to practice.

Besides practicing your balance, the Balance Board can give you toned calves, thighs, and a great way to exercise in a small space.

this ible will show you how to build your very own balance board to almost the exact same dimensions of the leading brands product (think surfer nickname for indonesia). however instead of costing you GBP 80 or howaver many dollars that translates into it will only

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