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Food Hack – How to Make Ultimate Breakfast Sausage!

Denny’s Grand Slam Breakfast is one of my favorite menus at Denny’s.  Someone has figured out how to fit that whole menu into a sausage you can eat.

Looks pretty delicious to me, it might save me time in the morning on breakfast.

Also included in this Instructable is the recipe for Bacon Sausage, which was originally what I had intended to make, but got sidetracked with the Ultimate Breakfast Sausage. Why is it then that the title of this Instructable isn’t Bacon Sausage? Perhaps because bacon sausage, and I can’t be

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Anti-Craft DIY HACK – How to make a Bacon Princess Tiara!


Here’s a fun DIY on how to make a bacon princess tiara out of bacon.  Now, can we eat this after we make it?

It’s not as simple as it looks so be prepared to dig into this if you want one for yourself.

You are going to be working with an enzyme that bonds protein. You are made of protein. Unless you want to glue your lungs together or glue your eyelids to your eyeballs, you absolutely must follow these safety rules. We cannot be h

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Food Hack – HOWTO make Japapeno Pork Poppers!

Happy Friday, it’s time to make some good food for the weekend and nothing is the same without these Jalapeno Pork Poppers!

Yummy….food hacks are always nice for the weekend.

Stuffing something with cheese instantly makes it better. If you wrap it in bacon, UNSTOPPABLE! This instructable will show you how to turn a boring afternoon with some regular old jalapenos into a fiery fiesta!

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