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Best Portable Hard Drive Review!

For those of you who need to back up a lot of stuff like me, it might make sense to carry a good portable hard drive.

In this review, I will review some of the best portable hard drives you can get with pros and cons.

First, for those of you who want the “fastest” transfer speeds for backups, you will want a firewire connection to your PC or Mac.  Most Macs support firewire while it will depend for PCs.  (You can get a firewire card too by the way.)

For Mac users and PC users who must have the “fastest”, the

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Wii Hacks – How to Hack Any Stubborn Wii with DriveKey!



Well, if you are a Wii fanatic, you will want to hear this, you can now use DriveKey to hack any stubborn Wii that couldn’t be hacked previously:

we are proud to introduce you to the world first mod chip for the Wii D3 DVD drives the Wii DriveKey mod chip, this device will allow you to play your backups and games from other regions the same as you would with a chipped machine but uses no wires at

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DIY DVD Hack – How to copy HD DVD and Blu-Ray Movies!

Oh okay, this one might be on the borderline of legalness but its actual use is to make backups of your HD DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. They have free trial download so check it out here if you need it.

Slysoft says the new version of its AnyDVD programme allows users to make “backup security copies” of high definition movies.

The claim is a blow to Sony which developed the Blu-ray format.

The discs are protected by an anti-piracy system called BD+.

When it l

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