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Table DIY – How to Fix a Wobbling Table with Wine Corks!

Here’s another one of those, “Why didn’t I think of this before?”

You can easily fix a wobbling table with sliced wine corks, which are perfect since they can really grab some friction while re-using them will be environmentally friendly too.

Tired of spilling coffee on your homework papers or laptop keyboard? Don’t waste perfectly good napkins to stop the wobble. Stick a few of these cork discs in your backpack or pocket and use them to steady that shaky table.

via instructables

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Paintball DIY – How to Make a Paintball Machine Gun Turret!

Do you really need to kill your neighbors dog (or cat)?  I am just joking but here’s how to make a paintball machine gun turret to relive your past-WW-II experiences (without killing people).  Okay, just read if you are interested.

This paintball turret system has the ability to be configured as a wired or wireless platform and we have even built it in a way to be portable for rapid backpack style deployments controlled with heads up displays up to a half mile a

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New Years 2009 Resolution – Use Greener Gadgets!

Well, for the year 2009, one of my new years resolution is to use greener gadgets or in other words, stuff that can make our earth better.

Here’s a list of greener gadgets you might want to consider for the next year:

For personal use:

Have an iPhone?  Don’t forget to get one of these solar iPhone chargers that doubles as protection too.

I am sure you’ve probably seen this Solio solar charger before, it ca

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Auto-Fold Baby Stroller!


Here’s an innovative Auto-Fold Baby Stroller, which will fold/unfold itself using a remote control plus the on-board battery charges itself by the wheels turning on the stroller.  This will be great for dads/moms who constantly have to fold it everytime they go out with the baby.

The stroller itself has safety features that will disable the folding mechanism but I think that’s my only worry, what if the sensor breaks and your child gets folded along with the mechanism?  That’d m

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Recycle-Themed Backpack

Here’s a funny backpack that might have bystanders stuffing it with recyclable cans and plastic bottles thinking you are a garbage man/woman.  I do really like the big sign though, you can’t miss it.

The “Big Kid Eco Pack” is a sturdy backpack created with nylon that is entirely constructed from recycled plastic drinking bottles. The trim is naturally biodegradable canvas.

According to the website: “Each of these packs keeps seven 16oz bottles out of the environment. Big enough to hold books, notebooks, lunch a

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Flexible Glow-in-the-dark Keyboard!

Here’s the ultimate traveler’s keyboard, a flexible glow-in-the-dark keyboard that can also be washed if it gets dirty.

Our Flexible silicone Illuminated Full Sized Keyboard is strong, silent and indestructible! It’s portable so you can just roll it up and take it with you!

Never learned to type without looking at the keys? Now you can respond to those late night emails without the assistance of a blaring desk lamp!


Solar Powered Backpack!

Check out the solar powered backpack that let’s you charge your gadgets while you walk, ride the bike, or even chillin’ at the beach!

From Voltaic comes this small light weight Green Solar Panel Converter Pack. Multiple attachment mechanisms mean it can work as a pannier on a bicycle, a tank bag on a motorcycle, a saddle pack, or a day bag attached to a lager rucksack. 4 watts of solar power for fast charging.

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Blogging in the Wild…

I always thought of what’d be like to be camping and blogging at the same time. Well, here’s a video by Joel Johnson from BoingBoingTV showing you how it could be done…

Boing Boing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson recently spent a week in the woods with a backpack full of electronics, to see if he could work on the internet in the wild using only solar power and his bare hands. This vid

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Virtual Reality Backpack

Check out augmented reality backpack from Tinmith! This seems almost like a physical layer of Second Life.

Welcome to the new Tinmith backpack 2006. As you can see from the images of our previous systems below, the new version is lighter and more robust than ever! We have taken our eight years of experience in the field and built a system using the best components that are currently available. We have designed our own custom housing to make the syste

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