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DIY Eco-Car Runs on Trash!


How cool is this?  This is like that Back to The Future car!

The Gasifier Experimenters Kit (GEK) offers beginners through experts an easy way build, compare and customize a wide variety of gasifier reactor types and configurations. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a university researcher, the GEK will get you over the starting hurdles of biomass gasification, and on to the more rewarding work of refining specific architect

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Back To The Future Hoverboard Scene!


Remember the original hoverboard on sale for $30K on eBay?

Well, here’s a clip from the movie to remind you of the good ol’ days.

video via gizmodo

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Original Back to the Future Hoverboard on auction for $30K min!

Remember all the great hoverboard posts?  Well, check out this original, used Back-to-the-Future hoverboard on auction at eBay with minimum bid starting at $30 grand!

via neatorama

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DIY – How to Make a Back-to-the-Future Flux-Capacitor!


The very first movie I watched in America was Back-to-the-future. Oh boy, I didn’t even understand English back then but loved it.

Here’s how to make your own flux-capacitor to show off to your friends.

250 bucks for a flux capacitor? Forget that, I did it for 54 dollars and 79 cents. It has 7 modes and it’s totally freaking awesome!

Very little electronics experience is required, just a little resourceful scavenging.

Thanks to Rook’s Tutorial for initial idea. BTW, that’s a

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Nevada Lightning Laboratory Lightning demo at Maker Faire 2008!

Well, these guys were at Maker Faire last year but I missed their show everytime since I had a Maker booth.

This year, I got the whole footage on tape:



Btw, you can find more information about these super-gigantic tesla coils over at Lod.org.

Boy, these things are way cool, maybe there’s more uses for it than simply a show. Perhaps, power my back-to-the-future vehicle, De Lorean.

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Roboman Hoverboard!


Wow, I wish this was real…

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