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Yoda, R2D2, Leia, and Vader Star Wars Costume for Babies/Toddlers!

Looking to dress your loved little ones with Star Wars costumes for this Halloweens?  Look no further as ThinkGeek as Yoda, R2D2, Leia, and Vader costumes from newborns up to 2 years old.

The Darth Vader version is a romper with underleg snap closure, plus a detachable cape (Velcro) and “helmet” headpiece made from fleece. The Princess Leia version is a robe-style dress that uses a Velcro closure in the back and includes its own fleece headpiece so you don’t have to make her hold still while you

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GIANT SpongeBob SquarePants!

One of my favorite TV shows now is (believe it or not) SpongeBob and SquarePants.  Anyways, I was looking for a GIANT SpongeBob Square Pants as I saw one today over at Fishermen’s Wharf in San Francisco.

Amazon offers like 2 different giant SpongeBob SquarePants pillows and 1 Patrick Starfish pillow.  (The prices are not bad so these might be super-great gifts for your kids/babies.)

GIANT 18″ SpongeBob SquarePants –

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BED DIY – How to Make a Bedside Shelf!

Here’s a great BED DIY illustrating methods of how to make a bedside shelf instead of sticking a wobbly bedside table.  I think this is a great space-saving idea.  Plus, if you have dogs/cats/babies, it will keep them out of reach.

Better Homes and Gardens has an easy step-by-step guide to build and install your very own bedside shelf. You will need:

Brackets (with keyhole anchors bored into the back faces)

Board (1-inch-x-12-inch-x-3-foot)



Tape measure


Electronic stud finder (optional)

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Squirting Dirty Dogs Bath Toy for your Baby/Toddler!

I often see that babies and toddlers love to play with dogs, even if they are toys.  These dirty dogs will squirt black “dirt” in cold water while the dirt will turn clear in warm water.

These big, soft squirting doggie toys need to be cleaned at bath time. Each cute puppy’s special magic ink “dirt” disappears when you put it in warm bath water; then reappears as it cools. This set of four includes a mini washcloth to clean up your pup. Phthalate-free. Each dirty dog measures approximately 3″.


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Baby Bath Tub with Built-in Thermometer!

Yes, it’s true that babies need their own bath tubs.  Babies are also prone to heat and very sensitive.  You can easily burn a baby’s skin if the water too hot but here’s a baby bath tub with a built-in thermometer so you will always know exactly what the temperature of the water is.

The color changing backlit display shows up as red when it’s too h

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Little Twos – Genuine Leather Shoes for Babies

Editor’s note:  Check out this shop if you are looking for some genuine leather shoes, these can be great for babies/toddlers just learning to walk.

A newly set up specialty shop selling genuine leather shoes for babies that comes in sizes of 6-12mths, 12-18mths and 18-24mths.

Pls browse through our online catalogue at www.littletwos.blogspot.com

We welcome all enquiries and do send us email at clyva1981@hotmail.com is u have any questions.


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LeapFrog Launches Blackberry for Baby and Toddlers!

In August, you will be able to get one of these cool Blackberry-like phones for your baby or toddler. (from LeapFrog)

The good part?  It actually can be a training aid for your baby/toddler to learn the alphabet and type the keyboard.

Talk about Web 2.0 babies, that’s what I am gonna call it.

So, what exactly does it do? It will help a children learn dates, phonics, and possibly a few games. I guess it really doesn’t matter what it has. This product is really made for when yo

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Fast Finger Keyboard for Baby, Kids, and all 1-finger Keyboard Peckers!

Fast Finger Keyboard brings you the most revolutionary keyboard I have ever seen, featuring letters in a chronological order.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

This keyboard is recommended (personally by me Max ahem!) to any babies, kids, or all you 1-finger keyboard peckers.

A.B.C.D.E.F.G, well, the ABC song here that you can “train” with the Fast Finger Keyboard.

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DIY – How to Make Mobile Toy for Toddlers/Babies!

Here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to make mobile toys for toddlers and babies.  These things would be great for keeping your attention-deficit toddlers/babies entertained while you “try” to work. (if you work at home)

Check out the full DIY HERE

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Baby DIY – How to turn a Whole Banana into a No-mess Baby Meal!

For those of you who have babies and toddlers, here’s a great, simple way to turn a whole banana into a no-mess baby meal when you have a banana with you but no baby utencils.

It’s amazingly simple to do yet this isn’t something written in Baby HOWTO books:

Throw a whole banana into your diaper bag before heading out the door. When it’s time to eat, mash up the banana before peeling it – just squishing it a bit with your fingers does the trick. Then, peel open a small hole at the end (not the end with the longer

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