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DIY – How to Make an LED Matrix Dice!

For all you gambling-addicts, you might be surprised to learn that there is a way to simulate crap dice on an LED matrix, here’s a cool DIY project for that.

    Fact: I am a new D&D player. Problem: Having to roll many kinds of dice, which get lost and end up it other player’s hands. Solution: Build an n-sided dice. Method: Take two 5×7 led displays, connect them to an ATmega168, toss in a Freescale’s 3-axis MMA7260QT accelerometer and program some code.

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Underwater Turbine for Water Power from Oxford University!

Engineers at Oxford University have come up with a new innovative concept for underwater turbines that use 60% less manufacturing and 40% less in maintenance costs.

This type of new underwater generator involves the THAWT device.  I believe these types of underwater turbines and

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DIY Remote Controlled Tortoise(or Turtle?) Robot!


Wow, this is kinda nifty robot.  It’s an RC controlled tortoise(or turtle) that does absolutely nothing but go really slow.

R/C Tortoise is a very simple r/c tortoise “bot” with direct control, using a 4 channel radio system. It uses 4 sub micro servos, and each axis of the transmitter stick controls a servo.

via techeblog

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3-Axis servo motor drawing “HackADay”


Here’s the video if you can’t see it.  (some kinda YouTube bug…yes blame it on the big company)

Cool, check out this awesome 3-Axis servo motor drawing “HackADay”. You can get the board for really cheap from this guy.

The preprogrammed AVR microcontroller must be purchased directly from Uli Huber. We do not carry the chips.

Please include $5 shipping and handling for destin

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Huge Rubiks Cube Subwoofer

Wow, check out this cool Rubiks cube Subwoofer!  I wish I had one…  It seems like this guy has all the plans and everything so next time you need to hide your new sound system from your lover or somethin’…there’s ya go.

If you are wanting to add some bass to your home theater why build a Huge Rubik’s Cube Subwoofer! It isn’t as big as this

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Nintendo Wii HACK – Wiimote to MIDI!


Check out this cool wii hack that allows you to use wii controller as a Midi controller!

This is very similar to the Wii guitar but you could probably do more with midi.

Thanks crustea for the tip!

In addition to the traditional buttons, force feedback and the integrated mini-speaker, the true innovation is the presence of a gravity and acceleration sen

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Check out this cool etch CNC.  Actually we were thinking of making this too, but since it’s already made, we can learn from it and make it quicker.  Awesome! 🙂

I am using a retrofit machine that fit within my budget. It’s a 2-axis machine with approximately 170x130mm travel.

The circuit board is my own design, using a ULN2803 per motor to supply approx. 0.3 amps per winding. The power supply is a standard AT hard-drive power connector, with the +12V used to power the

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Video – PS3 6 Axis Controller


So my friends waited 30 hours at the SF Sony Metreon to get this PS3. Well the good news is that we got our hands on one and checked it out. It seems like the new 6 Axis controller looks exactly like a PS2 controller, except it’s wireless. Well, let the party keep rollin’ ! We made some custom long island ice teas and relaxed while playing some Wii and PS3… Well, at the next party, we will let you know so you can reserve a seat.

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