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Windows Vista Tips – How to Recover to an Earlier Point in Time!

Today, I decided to buy a new laptop since my previous two $2000 HP laptops keep dying on me constantly.

I did get a Dell Inspiron 1525 for about $600 at my local BestBuy.  It turns out the laptop gives you bang for your dollar.

Although I do hate even saying Vista as of lately, I decided to give it another go and see if Vista would stay on the laptop as it came with it.  The funniest thing happened though, I got the “unlimited” blue screens of death after installing one of my olde

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Digital Coin Counting Money Jar!

This money jar isn’t your average joe.  The Digital Coin Counting Money Jar can count your loose change.

Of course, you only know how much total you have, it’s not like the coin sorter

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