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BMW Introduces Sportsbike S 1000 RR!

When I think of BMW bikes, honestly they look like

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McCain has 13 cars and 7 houses!

Well, maybe McCain didn’t make all his money to buy 7 houses and 13 cars just from being a politician all his life, but it’s true, McCain can hardly remember how many houses he owns.  (I don’t blame him, he’s at that age…)

In contrast, Barrack Obama owns 1 Ford Escape Hybrid.

For rich people, McCain might be the right pick but for everyone else and the majority of people, I think Barrack Obama will server us better, not because he’s got only 1 car, because at least he can clearly remember how many homes a

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Audi and Germany’s Travolution System lets you Predict when the Light will turn Green!

Presumably using RFID, sensors, and other neat things, these test Audi cars in Germany will be able to count down every stoplight they encounter.

I think this is a really great idea so people can rest their eyes a little bit more at stoplights.

On the other hand, I think it could also cause more accidents since people “know” when the light will turn green.

It’s a good thing this will be implemented in Germany and when they are done beta-t

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Mazda intros an Innovative “Stop and Go” Motor!

Mazda intros an Innovative

Mazda is working on an innovative stop and go motor that might just save enough gas when your car is idling in front of a traffic signal.  This might be smarter than making bio-fuel as this system could save additional 10MPG on every car, especially those cars in frequent-stop-and-go traffic areas.

Mazda has announced a clever new start-stop system that promises fuel economy gains of 10% or more without the need for an electric motor. The Smart Idle Stop System (SISS) uses only direct injection and combustion to restart your

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First Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport auctioned for $3.19 Million USD!

The very first Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport was auctioned off for $3.19 Million US Dollars in Pebble Beach, California.  This thing is probably not worth that much, someone just paid more than what it’s worth.

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2011 BMW 5-Series Spied!

Heck, if it’s 2011 BMW, we probably won’t see it for couple years but here’s some spy shots of the prototype.

TheCarConnection.com’s spy photographer ring has nabbed these new photos of the next BMW 5-Series, including the first interior photos. The cabin shot shows a relocated iDrive controller with satellite buttons, which may provide shortcuts like the buttons that surround Audi’s MMI controller. A joys

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Gas Hack – Pre-Purchase Gas Cards and Save on Rising Gas Prices!

It looks like there’s now a “pre-pay” solution to saving some money on by purchasing gas in advance.

You can go to MyGallons.com to purchase your future gas at current prices.

The high price of gasoline has some U.S. drivers looking to the future.

A recently introduced service called MyGallons.com allows drivers to fill up their tanks sometime in the future but at current prices, using a debit-like card which banks gallons rather than dollars.

“The price of gasolin

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How to NOT Drive a Ferrari!

The picture says it all doesn’t it?

Drive your Ferrari carefully!

How to NOT Drive a Ferrari!

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2008 Nissan Cube is UGLY!

What’s up with car manufacturers designing new cars like a box???

Probably because they think some people could live in it one day…

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Did you say Lego Batmobile, Batman, and Robin???

That’s right, we said it. Batmobile, Batman, AND Robin is here in LEGO style.

Care to replicate them yourself? Or maybe you can print out the pics and hand them to your kids.

One of his recent creations is this rather spectacular, unbelievably detailed (dig the Bat Phone in the cockpit) ’66 Batmobile he made for a builder challenge. He even created scale-sized Batman and Robin figures that fit inside. Lego would do well to license this design and sell it, as we’d be at Toys ‘R Us with money in hand.


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