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Solar Car Racing Taking Off in Australia!


Solar car racing is happening in Australia, I think this would be a great movement towards future commercial solar cars.  I don’t think we are that far away especially with the number of hybrid cars out there already with Prius already applying some solar panels.  I would love to own a solar race car one day.

SYDNEY — A 3,000-kilometre (1,860-mile) solar car race across Australia’s desert heartland began in the northe

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Travel Gadget – 5-Port USB AC Charger that works on 110VAC and 220VAC!

Here’s a cool 5-port USB AC charger that will work on multiple AC channels including 110AC and 220AV overseas.  This might come very handy if you are a world-traveler.

Included 4 USB ports and 1 Mini USB Cable. Recharge on the go .The travel charger makes it . LED charge indicator. Overload protection. Overheat protection Short circuit protection. Compatible with all USB charge cable use. Alternative plug for U.S,UK,Australia,Asi

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Ice Cream can cause Breathalyser Problems!

A man in Australia found out the hard way that ice cream can cause breathalysers to record alcohol levels even if the person hadn’t been drinking.  Next time you get pulled over and your alcohol level is higher than your soberness, you might want to fight in court.

Prosecutors inquired why the machine had registered a “fail,” which prevents the car from starting, despite the man’s claims that he had not been drinking.

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iPhone Hack – How to Hack the iPhone to Work in Any Country!

For most of you outside the U.S., if your country’s telecommunication company doesn’t support the iPhone, you can still hack it to work using TurboSim.

Dreamstrikes.com has a great DIY hack article on how to do this step by step.

Of course, if you live in South Korea where SIM cards are not supported, this might not work…

With the price of the 8GB iPhone dropping to $US399 ($AU483) overnight , how can anyone resist the temptation of buying one and hacking it to work in Australia? Here’s the step-by-step on how

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Australian Student Invents Cheap way to make Solar Cells!

A PhD student in Australia has found a cheap way to make solar cells with household parts.  If this process works as well as thought-of, we might have solar cells popping up everywhere with DIYers who make their own solar cells.

An Australian PhD student has found a cheap way to make solar cells with nail polish, a pizza oven and an ink jet printer. 23-year-old Nicole Kuepper’s invention, named iJET, doesn’t require the pricey clean rooms and high-temperature ovens of traditional solar panel manufacturing plants, thus dramatically lowe

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