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6:19AM Update – I have been blogging for almost 24 hours straight and just finished making a website for one of my friends that I met on the elevator. (Yes, it’s called the elevator incident, he even sang about it.)

He’s my neighbor and sings whenever we hang out and get fu**ed up…

Check it out:


P.S. Yes, this was shameless friend promotion… :p

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iPhone DIY HACK – iFlash, External Flash for the iPhone

Here’s a way you can hack the ports on your iPhone and add some LED joys to your life!

When the iPhone’s initial specs were released by Apple, tons of users complained about its lack of a camera flash. Using a USB connector, 4 white LED’s, and a tact switch, I built a removable flash unit.

via iphonexe

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iPhone update is just another brick in the wall

Here’s some news you should consider before updating your iPhone. Apparently, you can end up with a bricked iPhone, meaning your iPhone will be useless.

I don’t know if this voids the warranty or whatnot but be careful before updating your iPhone.

A software update has, as promise

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Erector – Spy on your own home!

Here’s a cool spy gadget you can get which comes with built-in webcam and MP3 plus the ability to spy on your family. Well…not exactly spying but you can use it security I guess… Preorder one at Amazon.

Nikko and Erector just launched the Spykee Spy Robot, a Johnny-5-esque little fellow that recharges itself and includes a webcam and MP3 player all in a clever little package.

It costs about $299 and let’s you watch your family remotely,

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UPGRADE HACK – iPhone firmware 1.1.1 released, WiFi Music Store included

Cool, iPhone firmware is being updated to 1.1.1! So now I might actually think about buying one but then the network is still too slow….so I will just wait for the real thing…


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Ipod Touch Unboxed

Cool, check out this new iPod Touch, looks nice…

Looks just like an iPhone to me…

Yeah, we know we’re running slightly behind on fooling around with a retail iPod touch, but we’ve finally got one here. You already saw our first impressions when we played with it at launch, but as the day

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iPhone HACK – iPhone Voice Recorder

Check out this cool home brewed iPhone Voice Recorder. Tight.

My iPhone broke. The screen just died a slow death, getting brighter and brighter and then very hot and then…nothing…over the course of a morning. With no phone to play with this morning, I did a lot of thinking and hunting through iPhone foundation files instead. And I seemed to find quite a lot of interesting calls in the Celestial framework, specifically the AVRecorder class.


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iPhone HACK – iPhone unlocked SIM

I know, the iPhone is getting really old lately since everyone I know has one now. BUT, we can still laugh at all the stupid hacks you can do to the iPhone. Check out how you can unlock the iPhone by cloning the SIM card. This might actually be useful for any cellphones that use a SIM card.

Senad, who has previously been heavily involved in the Digital Satellite scene and worked in many projects for Digiturk Cryptoworks, revealed to us that the hack is very real and can be accom

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iPhone HACK – Use iPhone as iPod and Wifi device if you don’t like AT&T

So, you like the iPhone but you don’t want the crappy GSM service from AT&T? If you can get hands on an iPhone, you can use the following hack and just use it for music and as a Wifi mobile device. Not that I’d recommend this route but it’s good to know you don’t have to send all your personal information to AT&T or pay them any money.

Magic iTunes numbers:

Offset 2048912: 33C0C3

Offset 257074: 28

Offset 257013: 33C9B1

Add “ albert.apple.com” to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

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iPhone HACK – iPhone Serial Port Access

Cool, there’s a way to access the iPhone bootloader via a home-brewed serial port access!

Check out how to make a serial port connector here and list of commands to use here.

Check out some of the cool commands:

command list: help this list script run script at specific address go jump directly to address bootx boot a kernel cache at specified addr

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