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DIY Wii Spray Can looks and works better than a Wii Controller!

Tired of your good ol’ Wii controller? Try making it look like a spray can.

Wiispray aims to give sprayers all the tools of a real-life spraycan with a digital extension. This neat gadget could open the concept of a digital spraycan to a wide audience. The virtual spraycan simulates real spraying characteristics and comes with a range of different caps and of course paints. Collaborative spraying on a virtual wall is planned as well.

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Holographic Appearance by Bill Gates in Malaysia!

Bill Gates made a “holographic appearance” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at World Congress on Information Technology 2008.

Perhaps, he’s trying this new method after being pancaked once and Steve Ballmer being egged the other day.

Neverthless, kudos to Gates for trying something new without having to travel.

KUALA LUMPUR: Bill Gates, chairman of software powerhouse Microsoft Corp, made a five-minute virtual appearance at the World Congr

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