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Cool ROBOT – Servo Snake Bot!


This is sick! Check out the servo snakebot using an Atmel Atmega32 microcontroller and bunch of Futaba servos!  You can see more videos of the snakebot here.

The robot consists of nine cars connected with eight Futaba serv

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DIY HACK – Make your own Oscilloscope

Check out this DIY Oscilloscope using Atmel Atmega32.

I wanted to see if I could make a useful scope using just a microcontroller and a television. The result works, but is a bit slow with a maximum sampling rate of 15,750 Hz. This is fast enough for most electrophysiology, but not for audio. The sampling rate is determined by the maximum rate of the internal A/D converter.


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Free MODBUS for AVRs

Here’s a cool website that gives you free MODBUS for AVR microcontrollers…

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DIY – Equibot – Mini segway robot

Here’s mini version of Segway robot…using 2 Hitec servo motors Atmega32 mcu… Yey, now I can make some cool robots that run on a segway structure! 🙂

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