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ASUS EeePad Transformer Android Tablet Review!

Finally, I’ve got hands on the ASUS EeePad Transformer Android tablet, mainly because I wanted a device that would replace my old EeePC netbook plus the ability to use it as a tablet device when the keyboard is not needed. For business users, the Transformer makes perfect sense as it can completely replace your old netbook and also let you have a tablet device in hand.

Another great part about the Transformer is that there’s a big development community going on now, there’s already many ROMs you can try out, nevermind the ability to add fully-native

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Over 400,000 ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Tablets Shipped!

If you want to rank the most popular 10.1″ tablet sold today, you could probably go by number of tablets shipped in the last couple months. The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet has been literally flying off the shelves of every retailer throughout the world and I personally had to pre-order one just hoping to get my hands on one.

Where can you get your hands on one right now?

B&H – $399

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ASUS N61JQ-XV1 16-Inch Intel Core i7 Laptop Review! [Part 1]

Last year I got my new 13.3-inch ASUS UL30Vt-X1, which has served an awfully great purpose of helping me blog while traveling, it weighs almost nothing, battery lasts forever, and has a great processor fast enough to do most things.

This year, I got a new ASUS 16-inch laptop N61JQ-XV1, which comes equipped with an Intel Core i7 7

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ASUS UL30Jt Might Come with WiMax!

I just took a look over at ASUS UL30Jt manual (which is available on ASUS support page) and noticed that there’s an Intel WiMAX driver, meaning ASUS UL30Jt could be shipped with WiMAX-capabilities.

This isn’t surprising as HTC and Sprint just announced their first-ever 4G WiMax Android phone the HTC Evo.

I am not sure exactly how WiMax works but it could be that you might be able to sign up for 1 WiMax account (and maybe they give you a login and password) so you can also use it straight from your laptop without a WiMax USB

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ASUS U30Jc Now Available on Amazon!

The ASUS U30Jc I reviewed at CES 2010 is now finally available on Amazon for pre-order after appearing on some of the eBay sites earlier this month.  ASUS UL30Jt shouldn’t be too far away either it looks like.

The final specs for ASUS U30Jc-A1 will include a

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ASUS U30Jc Leaked on ASUS Download Page!

UPDATE: ASUS U30Jc is now available for pre-order on eBay!!!

Well, it seems that ASUS will probably be launching ASUS U30Jc series as well along with ASUS UL30Jt series.   I took a look at ASUS’s download page and there’s more files including 71 files for drivers/software so it shouldn’t b

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ASUS UL30Jt FCC/Manuals LEAKED! Coming soon?

For those of you who have been following my videos and coverage of the upcoming ASUS UL30Vt since January, you might be happy to know that it IS coming as ASUS  UL30Jt is now listed as one of downloads in ASUS’s download page.

Also, it has been FCC approved as seen here:

I am guessing that it shouldn’t be 1 or 2 weeks before ASUS UL30Jt starts appearing on Amazon so hold on and

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ASUS U83JC Bamboo Laptop Hands-on Review!

Also, at CES 2010 couple days ago, I spotted the ASUS U83 JC Bamboo laptop, basically a bamboo version of ASUS UL80Jt we reviewed earlier minus an optical drive.

I have to say, this is the “ultimate” bamboo laptop to get, featuring great bamboo texture for those of you who don’t want such shiny finish on your laptops and touchpad.

I am really crossing my fingers that this laptop will be available

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ASUS UL80Jt Hands-on Video Review!


I guess Sprint’s 3G network isn’t fast in Las Vegas as it is here in San Francisco, I realized that for sheezy. (However, Sprint/Clearwire’s 4G network is super-fast though, which is enabled in Vegas.)

Anyways, I am so glad to be back home, where my internet speeds are pretty darn fast than anywhere in Vegas.

I did give you a review of ASUS UL80Jt couple days earlier, here’s the video for your viewing pleasures, e

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ASUS Eee PC 1201T Hands-on Review!

I am a huge fan of ASUS laptops ever since I bought an Eee PC 1000HE netbook and also my latest ASUS UL30Vt-X1, which I am actually using it to blog this very blog post about another ASUS laptop, the ASUS Eee PC 1201T.

The Eee PC 1201T is probably the best “value” 12-inch netbook from ASUS.  There no word on the pricing of this new netbook but from the cheaper AMD CPU used (and I think the first AMD CPU on ASUS netbook btw), this 12-inch should be cheaper over its Intel brothers such as the

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