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Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition Out!

Nokia N810 WiMAX rolls out, it’s a tablet PC/Oversized PDA/UMPC that is the very first WiMAX-enabled device you can buy today.  It looks like the industry has been keeping WiMAX on the down-low, meaning they were ALL making WiMAX devices probably at least a year before. (mostly for Asian countries who’ve had WiMAX for last 2 years now)

Now, everyone who ever knew complained WiMAX will suck can just shut up, thank you very much,   W

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Why iPhone isn’t popular in Asia!

In Asian countries, iPhone won’t be as popular due to the high number of “other” devices out on the market.

iPhone price cuts in Japan prove that iPhone is still priced too high for Asian consumers.

Let me explain why iPhone cannot be popular in Asia:

When I used to live in South Korea for years, we didn’t goto BestBuy or the local AT&T shop.  For the cheapest prices in South Korea, there’s this “town” call

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