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Eco DIY – How to Make Fruit Bowl with Bamboo!

Bamboo has been undeniably the most eco-friendly choice for wooden products today.  According to Wikipedia, bamboo is the “fastest” growing wooden plant in the world today.

Of course, I have seen many many bamboo plants/trees in South Korea and other parts of Asia but is probably lacking here in San Francisco bay area. (I have yet to see a single naturally grown bamboo plant…)

If you are luck enough to live in the parts of the world where

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Space Invader Alarm Clock!

Too bad this Space Invaders Alarm Clock may only be available in Asia but I would love to think about the idea of getting up in the morning killing some space invaders…

When this alarm goes off, there is no buzz or bell sound, not you get the sound of space invaders how cool is that, but image what your new girlfriend is going think before letting it go off at the weekend.

Priced at around $30

via bed frame blog

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Home DIY – How to Make Japanese Lamp from Recycled Materials!

Check out this cool DIY that shows you how to make Asian-style Japanese Lamp from recycled materials.  I can personally say these Asian-style lamps can add some unique look to your home as these lamps have been used over centuries in Asia including China, Japan, and Korea.

A cheap but attractive paper “shoji” style lamp that uses mostly recycled parts and is easy to put together.

via craftzine,

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Acer launches WiMAX-enabled Laptops Aspire 4930-6862 and Aspire 6930-6771!

Acer has just launched the very first laptops in the U.S. that are WiMAX-enabled.  Of course, people in Asia have been getting WiMAX laptops for the last year or so but hey, let’s just celebrate the fact that WiMAX is beginning its 4G speeds in the U.S.  This is just the start folks, you will begin to see people use WiMAX over all that other AT&T 3G crap.

SAN JOSE, Calif. and BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Acer America, part of the world’s third largest PC company (source:

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Creative Japanese Barcodes!

It looks like the Japanese are using barcodes for more than scanning, take a look at how they used barcodes as another place for advertising.  Great idea, I don’t see why U.S. companies are not doing this.

This kind of creative barcode design is completely new to me, but apparently it’s quite common in Asia – or at least Japan. Here’s a full gallery of some unusual product barcodes. Please comment if you have seen similar designs in your country (or if you are missing out on them as well).


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EcoShack is a Portable Summer Shelter!

Check out the EcoShack, a portable summer shelter designed for great air-flow and sustainability.

It’s a change from my regular old tent but it could be great for a permanent shelter for the summer on your backyard.

I must say the setup doesn’t look too pleasing to do but maybe worth it for a summer-long setup.

Designed by Ecoshack founder Stephanie Smith and inspi

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The Cool Robot Links of the Day

(Picture via nickbaxter)


Space Travel from Virgin

Virgin is making some space travels available for regular maxes like you and me. Well, actually I’ve been reading about this on Time magazine but Bodin brought it up in his new travel blog, onearthtravel. (wait a minute, isn’t this out of earth?!?)

Anyway, check it out. One day, space travel will be like airplane travel. Pay $500 to goto mars or somethin’

Virgin Galactic is the world’s first eve

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