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Fossilized Tech! [Art]

Christopher Locke makes these awesome fossilized versions of outdated tech gadgets, check it out.  My favorite is the NES controller!

Most of these examples were discovered in the United States, although the various species are represented all over the world. It is sad, but most of these units lived very short lives. Most people attribute the shortened lifespan to aggressive predators or accelerated evolution, but this is not nec

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Motorcycle made out of WOOD for $2200!

I just got back from my first “real” vacation in a year and a half (where I went somewhere…) to Las Vegas! We drove about 10 hours there and almost veered off the road couple times from lack of rest and sleep BUT the good news is that I took a picture of this cool motorcycle made out of wood at the local gift shop near the strip. Cool… will someone buy it? This was the most expensive thing in the store. Free shipping… What a piece of art!

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Recycled Computer Parts Art

Here’s a great way to save earth and energy. By making your own computer parts art like this guy, you can help us eliminate PCB waste and toxic chemicals from being spread especially for older hardware which are lead abundant.


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DIY – sycophant, AI Experiment, moving and taking Human head!

Here’s a really cool AI experiment. The moving head will talk to visitors while the head follows them… Thomas says,

Sycophant explores the relationship between viewers and a human-like robot. The human head is mounted on a motorized base which moves along a track. As a viewer walks by, the head follows on the track, while plying him or her with a cornucopia of compliments such as “I really like your hair” and “You look really hot!”

[gv data=”http://video.google.c

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