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Palm Pre DIY Tips – How to Use Touch Gestures on the Palm Pre!

Well, I have been doing a lot of fiddling with my new smartphone Palm Pre.

Since I don’t like reading instructions when I do things and try to figure things out myself, I didn’t even realize the full potential of the Palm Pre on my first day.

UPDATE: Palm Pre now available on Amazon!

I decided to swallow my DIY-ego and read the instructions today.  Well, it turns out there’s more apps on the Palm Pre than I imagined after learning that apps also exists laterally, not just horizontally.

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Wrist Tracker does GPS + GPS Tracking

Here’s an interesting concept or prototype wrist tracker that can log all kinds of jogging details including but not limited to GPS + GPS tracking.  You can even hook up to GoogleMaps to get your directions.

Look at this new product.It’s a Cell phone+GPS tracker+GPS datalogger+Sporty watch With GPS trakcing/find friend/sporty management functions Release time: April 2008

Wrist Tracker is a stylish device with built-in GPS and GSM modules and high pe

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