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Recommended Architects

Shipping Container Homes Designed and Made!

I’ve seen a rise of homes made with used shipping containers and I have to say, this “was” a redneck practice that has turned into a great way for architects to develop new self-sustaining, green homes.  Now, you will have to just buy a lot of acres of land and move your home (containers) to where ever you want to be.

The best examples that explain his creativity are the Bunny Lane, his own home built with a 19th century clapboard cottage inside an industrial hanger, and the Push Button House, which takes just 90 seconds to expan

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Capital Gate Tower is the Worlds Most Crooked Building in the World!

Developers in Abu Dhabi have made so much money on oil crisis, they are building the World’s Most Crooked Building that is 4 times more crooked than the previous record holder, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It doesn’t surprise me though, it’s about time modern architecture proves to be somewhat better than stuff that were bui

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