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How to Write Like an Architect!

How to Write Like an Architect!


Here’s a great guide on how to write like an architect.  Although I will never become an architect or write with a ruler ever, the way of architect writing visually pleases my eye.

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Microsoft TouchWall an Inexpensive Multi-touch Display for any Wall!


Here’s a cool innovation by Microsoft (MSFT) on their new inexpensive multi-touch display that can be used on any wall. This could be good.  This is the first time Microsoft offered something at a lower price than their competition.  I am starting to like Microsoft again but Vista still sucks.

Microsoft is quick to say that they have no current plans to productize and sell TouchWall. But the potential of the system is obvious – Prately spoke an

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DIY HACK – Recycled Bridges and Walls

While we are on the subject of making some BIG projects using virtually recycle-able stuff, here’s a recycled bridge and wall you can build.

Yet this is exactly what architect Shigeru Ban has done, over the Gardon River in the South of France. This is an ingenious idea to show that you do not need concrete, steel and glass to build a structure.

Cardboard Bridge via keetsa

Ideal for partitions or for just blocking off

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Eco-design – rotating towers that can power itself


Wow, check out these rotating towers that can power itself!

While the technical details of the wind-power system are sketchy at best, the architect, David Fisher, claims that the tower could power itself and ten other similar sized buildings. Frankly, the claim seems somewhat outlandish, but even if it produces just it’s own energy, it would be a significant achievement.


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