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Facebook Robot!

Bored, lonely?  Get the Facebook Robot and stay happier as the Facebook Robot has 5 different moods and will connect to your Facebook profile to entertain you with various different behaviors. – link

Aside from the Facebook integration, it’s similar to the Nabaztag in that it can also read out information from RSS feeds, e-mail, stock quotes, weather forecast, Twitter posts, instant messages, calendar appointment alerts, and more.

The MyDeskFriend can actually move around as well. It has infrared s

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Video – How to Remove Tatoos using Laser Tatoo Removal!


Here’s a great close-up of laser tatoo removal in about 5 minutes!

60% of people with tattoos would like to have at least one removed. South Coast MedSpa uses the most advanced lasers in the industry. For more information or to book an… More» appointment go to www.southcoastmedspa.com or call 949-650-7267. individual patient results may vary

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