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MacBook THIEVES – Apple Store Heist in New Jersey!

Wow, take a look at this video of these 5 “professional” burglars who stole 23 MacBook Pros in just 31 seconds!  That is impressive regardless of what they did.  These thieves must have done speed lap training beforehand.

Now, I am not saying you should ever steal anything but if you are going to be a burglar, you gotta be as fast as these guys and be smart.  (I feel like I am watching a mini-version of ocean’s eleven…)

I’ve seen so many dumb criminals on COPS, it’s a relief that the media finally lets some truth through, that there are a

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iPhone 3G Review

Well, iPhone 3G is out officially as of today at 8AM at all the Apple stores in the States.

There’s already bunch of videos and reviews but we won’t bore you with what useless technology 3G does for you.

Here’s some links of iPhone 3G reviews all over the web if you really need to know:

iPhone 3G Review at CNET

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