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3rd Party iPod Headphones will require Apple Authentication Chip!

Are you kidding me?  I just did a complete review of the new Apple In-ear Headphones and how they do NOT work on most iPods and Apple wants to make money off other companies making volume/mic function for their headphones.  I know it’s a recession, but this is going WAY too far, knock it off Apple, you need to do the opposite in these hard financial times.

Oh god, please no, Apple already has made enough money selling songs, let’s not forget that

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My Apple Feedback on Apple In-Ear Headphones

Well, I just returned my Apple In-Ear Headphones to the Apple Store mainly due to the fact that there’s not enough bass compared to my cheaper $30 Sony MDr-Ex earbuds.

Apple sent me if I wanted to give them feedback so I did and here’s what I wrote to them just now: (I hope Steve Jobs reads this and makes the new headphones better with more bass and people don’t really need all that Volume/Mic stuff, it only works on the new iPods anyways.  Maybe the

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Apple In-Ear Headphones Review!


(Apple In-ear Headphones Earbud & Earbud case)

Yes, as promised before in my Apple In-ear Earphones review, I got hands on the new in-ear headphones today.

The very first thing I noticed are the nice cases for earbuds and the headphones themselves.  (I bet I just paid half of the money for that!)

(Apple In-ear Headp

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