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iPhone update is just another brick in the wall

Here’s some news you should consider before updating your iPhone. Apparently, you can end up with a bricked iPhone, meaning your iPhone will be useless.

I don’t know if this voids the warranty or whatnot but be careful before updating your iPhone.

A software update has, as promise

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Nose Dive First

This boat apparently nose dove into the ocean from a bigger “ship”. Well, it seems like they should have at least built in some type of automatic-reverse-driving system of sort to save it. They could probably do it for additional $100,000 on top of your $1.5 million yacht. Anyways, the lesson is learned, we got some good ways to go with “some” of these boat makers. Or should I say, “boat fakers”? (Just get a bette

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Samsung Blackjack Unpacking


Wow, this is some great stuff…i am jealous…hehe… I need 3G…noW!!!

I’ve received my (Cingular) Samsung Blackjack and here’s a video that shows what’s in the box. After a full charge and a few problems with the service activation (Amazon screwed it up, apparently) I got the thing up and running with UMTS (3G) data connect. After a couple of hours, my first impression is that it blows the pants of my Treo 700w in virtually every aspect. I’m currently testing the battery life so keep an eye on Ubergizmo

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Platinum-coated virus to be used for speedy memory

Wow, memory made from virus living in cigarettes?

All the hip-cool scientists these days are enslaving living organisms to do their bidding. Luckily, they’re sticking with the micro end of the size spectrum, or “nano” end in this case. Apparently they’ve managed to create some supa’ fast memory chips by coating 30-nanometer-long bits of tobacco mosaic virus (pictured above in its natural habitat) with itsy-bitsy platinum nanopartic

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