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Linux Ubuntu DIY – How to Setup DDNS on your Ubuntu!

I have a nice little Linux Ubuntu box I setup here in my apartment with a KVM switch but most of the time, I use command lines to SSH into my linux box.

When I am away from from home and I want to access my linux box, I can access it (SSH into it) using DDNS (dynamic DNS).  This is great since I have my own backup server plus I can test out my web servers on my linux box before going live.

Anyways, if you are looking for easy solution on how to setup DDNS on your Ubuntu machine, ddclient is probably the easiest.  You can

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Iron Skillet DIY – How to Season your Cast Iron Skillet!

If you happened to own a cast-iron skillet like me, you will want to “season” the iron skillet every once in awhile to get the iron skillet perfect and ready for your next delicious meal.  Apartment Therapy has some great pics and instructions on how to do that which isn’t too hard considering all you really do is put some vegetable oil on the skillet and “bake” it in your oven.

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Veranda Solar Cells provide Free Solar Power for Apartments!

Here’s a really cool solar cell device that will latch and hang from your apartment’s window and give you some free solar power.  Great idea indeed but I hope the latching system is secure enough so it doesn’t fall on bystanders’ head and you know what that means, lawsuits and no more solar cells hanging off buildings.

It’s called Veranda Solar, and it promises to eventually provide solar energy to apartment and condo dwellers by hanging attractive solar panels ou

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Green DIY – How to Green Your Apartment!

As people are becoming more conscious about our environment, we need to make sure each and everyone of us do their part.  Even if “greening” is not scientifically correct, it’s a great way to conserve whatever we have left on earth.

My advice is to make sure to recycle and let no food get leftover.

Here’s a couple more from Missy over at our green blog:

Use An Eco friendly Laundry Detergent Most people do laundry weekly, so try to be selective with the detergent that you’re using. Make sure it’s all natural and bio-degradable so that it won’t har

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Consumer DIY – How to Buy a Mattress!

One of the secrets to good night sleep is buying a good mattress that is good for your back too.

Well, I have been using this Keetsa Pillow Soft mattress (Cal King Size) for about a year or so and I have to say it’s the best bang for your dollar as far as mattresses go.

The best part about my Keetsa mattress is the fact that it’s REALLY comfortable, apart from all the greeness.

Even though I am pretty eco-conscious, when I buy something such as a mattress

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I lost my Car Keys!

Well, I lost my car keys last night and had a tough time inventing my own coathanger door opener without success but I did write some blog posts:

WhiteBoard Idea – How to Make a Website!

How to Scoop Icecream with Chinese Spoon!

Wii Remote Hacks by Johnny Lee (This guy is amazing, I wanna go make that

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President-Elect Barack Obama in Chicago Speech


Well, I try not to get too political on this DIY Tech Blog but heck, if I can’t speak my mind here, I rather die.

Anyways, here’s the speech Obama gave after winning the election.

I might be right or wrong but I think this simple speech will be as famous as Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address one day. Heck, maybe Obama is the 21st generation version of Abraham Lincoln. (less the cool beard)

Here’s another funny story.

Well, the

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Sound DIY – How to Install Surround Sound Flatwire 5.1 Wiring!

Apartment Therapy has an intensive DIY on how to install your own surround-sound flatwire 5.1 wiring.  This would be great for anyone who’s trying to install some nice set of surround-sound speakers.

We have been watching movies projected on our wall for prolly 4 to 5 years at this point and listening to the audio on various small stereo systems in 2.1. Really great, honestly, nothing to complain about. The thing is th

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DIY – How to Make a Self-Ventilating Cat Litterbox!

You know that cat’s litterbox can become potentially dangerous to your health with its deadly fumes, especially for pregnant women.  Now, here’s a cool way to make a self-ventilating cat litterbox so you don’t have to worry about all that invisible bad-for-your-health fumes.

I recently saw a post on Apartment Therapy showing a homemade “Cat Jet” ventilation solution (http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/at-email/tools-for-pet-living-the-cat-jet-and-the-roomba-email-from-9108-062199) using a bathroom fan to vent the noxi

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Fun Memorial Weekend Commenting!

Okay, here’s something fun for the memorial weekend.  Goto your browser and type a character such as “A” or “B” or any other ASCII characters.

(Did you know that most characters default to Google search while “e” defaults to EOnline.com?)

If you find any other cool websites that come on on the new Firefox 3 (yes, you should be using this browser), leave a comment.

Happy Memorial Weekend, we will be back on Tuesday to get going again on tech p

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