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iPhone 4 Class Action Suit Filed, “I am Going To Hold the Phone Anyway I like it!”

I saw this coming when I first about Steve Jobs telling customers, “Avoid holding it that way”.

Apple and Jobs needs to come clean about their hardware flaws with its antenna.

Clearly, it’s a simple matter, the two antennas, one for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and the other for UMTS/GSM for network data/voice. ¬†When you short the two antennas with a human hand or anything conductive for the matter, they will interfere with each other. ¬

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DIY HACK – HOWTO extend your Wifi Antenna by 2-3 times!



Wow, this is a cool wifi antenna hack. I knew it, those wifi companies were just selling us bunk extended Antennas just so they can charge $30 more…


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