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The iPhone Podium

If you need the ultimate iPhone holder, you should get the iPhone Podium as it’s classy while letting you browse hands-free in your kitchen, desk, or anywhere there’s a flat surface.

Podium elegantly transforms your iPhone into a desktop computer and widescreen entertainment center. Its unique soft-snap cradle and smooth spherical bearing mechanism provide infinite viewing angles for the ultimate hands-free iPhone experience. Podium harmonizes your iPhone with a multitude of hands-f

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DIY – How to Hand Draw 3D Holograms!


Wow, check out this guy who’s drawn many 3D holograms by hand.  I guess it’s just matter of some angles and hand work.  It’s amazing work of art and might be a great example for future college classes on optics.

Scratch-holograms can be made on CD cases using a couple of thumbtacks poked through a stick. Or get fancy and use a professional compass and black painted polycarbonate. Or automate the process with a paperclip stuck into a motorized

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Solar DIY – How to Make a Solar Photovoltaic Tracker!

Here’s a really cool project that can complement any of your future solar projects.  It’s a solar DIY that shows you how to make a solar photovoltaic tracker that will follow the sun’s angles, thereby increasing the efficiency of your solar cells and more energy produced.

For a class project (PV Design, Appalachian State, Dr. Dennis Scanlin) I decided to try making a low cost PV (photovoltaic) tracker. Being able to follow the sun’s path through the sky can raise your solar panel system’s output considerably (30-50%),

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Robot Hack – How to Make a Camera Robot!


Here’s a fun hack that shows you how to make a camera-robot that can autonomously take pics and videos, all while you control where it goes, plus the angles too.  I think this might be a great project for those of you who take trips to the Amazon jungle to get footage of creatures and critters.

I’ve hacked a cheap camera and mounted on a pan / tilt neck assembly. Pictomatix MkII only has 64Mb of non upgradeable camera m

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Halo 3 Hack – How to Take Great Screenshots in Halo 3!

Are you a hardcore Halo 3 gamer?

Do you like to take random screenshots of the game and share with your friends on your latest killings?

Well if that’s the case, you might want to read up on this article that shows you how to take great screenshots in Halo 3.

Most people know the basics of taking screenshots, but have you ever wondered how some players manage to take great screenshots with amazing effects? This brief guide will cove

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8″ Digital Picture Frame with MP3 Player!

Here’s a great 8″ digital frame with an embedded MP3 player so you can play music too.


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DIY – How to Make an LED USB CD Lamp!

Want to be really green?  Try this DIY on how to make an LED USB CD Lamp made from of course your useless CDs and some ingenuity.

The USB powered LED CD lamp is a very useful gadget. It’s powered by the USB port, so you don’t need any external power supply. The stiff mounting wire, I used acts as a gooseneck and lets you bend the light source in different angles and directions.

via instructables

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